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Prime Minister: Restoring citizen confidence a “top priority” for the government

Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Mr. Aïmen Benabderrahmane, stressed, Thursday in Algiers, that restoring citizens’ trust is a “top priority” for his government, as well as other issues that are no less important, foremost among which is the fight against corruption, bribery and mediocrity.

In his response to the concerns of People’s National  Assembly deputies regarding the government’s draft plan of action, the Prime Minister described the issue of restoring citizens’ trust as a “top priority.”

The fight against corruption is also an equally important priority, according to the assurances of the Prime Minister, who stressed that “despite corruption and systematic looting, Algeria has remained up thanks to its brave and good children.”

In implementation of the mechanisms established to ensure the fight against these negative phenomena such as corruption, bribery and mediocrity, Aïmen Benabderrahmane, committed himself before the representatives of the people to keeping them updated, by informing them periodically on the progress of the implementation of the projects contained in the government’s action plan, which are based on the 54 commitments imbedded in the Program of the President of the  Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

This will be done through a new follow-up mechanism that has been developed at the level of his services, and the preparation of periodic reports “published on time, in order to instill the principle of transparency.”

In this regard, the Prime Minister had previously stated that the aforementioned mechanism would work “according to accurate quantitative indicators,” stressing that the government was full of “the will to work with all the benefactors in this country, in the interest of our country and our citizens, under the wise leadership of the President of the Republic and his directives”.

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