Prime Minister: The new investment law will allow the institution to grow in a healthy environment

The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, AïmeneBenabderrahmane, confirmed, yestday, Sunday in Algiers, that the new investment law, currently under preparation, willi nclude measures that will allow the institution to grow in a healthy environment.

During his intervention in the four workshops organized within the framework of the national conference on industrial recovery, Mr. Benabdelrahman stressed that this law will embody “a comprehensive approach to encouraging local and foreign investment, which will allow the institution to grow in a healthy and more competitive environment.”

The Prime Minister highlighted that this text “will soon take shape”, after studying it at the level of the government, the Council of Ministers and then Parliament in its two chambers, stressing that the version circulated by the media recently is not the final version.

Speaking about the measures that will be included in the new law, the Prime Minister stressed that it will clarify the mechanisms for granting real estate and the mechanisms for granting concessions, and that it enshrines the role of the state in the investment act as an organizing element that provides the appropriate climate and the necessary legislative stability.

With regard to foreign direct investment, the Prime Minister stressed that the new text will encourage foreign investors to produce locally and even export their products from Algeria, especially through the exploitation of free trade agreements concluded.

Finally, the Prime Minister, who was accompanied by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, called on the supervisors of the workshops to take into account all opinions and suggestions, especially those presented by the owners of investment projects.

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