Prime Minister: The state continues to support housing sector

Speaking to the press at the end of his working visit to Algiers during which he proceeded to housing units distribution operation on the occasion of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the double celebration of independence and youth, the Prime Minister declared that “the state will continue to support the housing sector”.

During this visit, Mr Benabderrahmane proceeded to the inauguration of the site of 3,746 rental-sale housing units (AADL) in Douira, as well as the naming of the site after the martyr Mohamed Chabanie, who passed away in 1964

 This site provides for all living requirements, especially drinking water, electricity and gas, as well as educational institutions (primary and intermediate) and sports and recreational parks.

The prime minister continued his visit by heading to the municipality of Baba Hassan where he inaugurated a new residential site consisting of 3,000 houses of the rental-sale housing units (AADL).

This neighborhood, named after the martyr Moussa Cherchali, who died in January 2021, has all the necessary living requirements.

Mr. Aymen Benabderrahmane visited a house of AADL to see the quality of construction and equipment, where he instructed officials of AADL and the sector to ensure respect for the quality of building materials and to provide all conditions of schooling and recreation for the benefit of children.

On the same occasion, the newly appointed Prime Minister also heard detailed presentations by sector officials on housing programs to be delivered nationally and at the capital.

According to the Director General in charge of managing the AADL agency, Faycal Zitouni, the delivery of 13,937 of housing units in a rent-to-sell formula is expected to begin today in Algiers, divided into seven locations, where the delivery of such housing is part of a major national process that includes a total distribution of 58,000 units.

According to the figures presented by Mr. Zitouni on housing projects in the capital, AADL agency has delivered 292,384 units in of sale by rent program  across the national territory out of a total of 560 thousand units scheduled  while 267,616 units are counted under construction.

This process, which is part of the celebration of the anniversary of independence and Youth, aims to distribute 96,803 units of various formulas (AADL, supported promotional, public promotional and rural).

At the end of a symbolic handover of the keys to the beneficiaries of the housing in the rent and public rent housing programs, the prime minister stressed that the state will continue its support to the housing sector.

“This visit reflects the social character of the Algerian state and the importance that the president gives to all programs for the population and the fragile social classes,” said Mr Benabderrahmane, in his first official visit since his appointment as Prime Minister on June 30.

Mr. Benabderrahmane also highlighted “continued state support for the housing sector”, stressing that this policy reflects “the social and solidarity character of the Algerian state”.

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