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Prime Minister: the state does not intend to give up social support

The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane said Wednesday in Algiers that the state does not intend to give up social support.

In an address to the members of the National People’s Assembly (APN), who adopted by a majority the 2022 Finance Bill (PLF), Mr Benabderrahmane recalled the State’s commitment to social support, arguing that the term “renouncing” to this assistance “must be banned from Algeria”.

He deplored the inaccuracies reported by some media concerning the targeted support foreseen in the PLF, specifying that “the Government has no intention of renouncing State support”. It is only a question of “adopting a new philosophy aimed at targeting, directly through aid, families in need”.

This is part of efforts to “protect the purchasing power of citizens” and “protect public money from corruption”, the Prime Minister added.

The government has devoted 1,942 billion dinars to social support policy in the PLF, he said.

Mr Benabderrahmane also mentioned the incentives for investment, particularly for projects that generate wealth, jobs and economic growth.

He also recalled the investment facilities for young entrepreneurs, as well as the measures aimed at ensuring the recovery and protection of the national economy and establishing a favourable investment climate.

According to the Prime Minister, the 2022 Finance Bill marks ‘the effective start of the implementation of the President of the Republic’s Programme’.

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