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Professor Mahiaoui to Algerian television: Epidemiological situation is stable, and vaccination continues normally

A member of the Scientific Committee for the monitoring of Coronavirus pandemic, Professor Riad Mahiaoui, described, today Saturday, the epidemiological situation in Algeria as “stable” in recent days, adding that the assessment of the health status during the days of Eid al-Fitr will be 15 days later.

In a statement to the Algerian TV news site, Professor Riad Mahiaoui said that the daily statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform confirm that “the epidemiological situation in the country is stable, especially with the decline in numbers of infections and deaths during last week,” indicating that “the assessment of the epidemiological situation in Algeria during Eid Al-Fitr days, where we noticed some kind of laxity in applying preventive measures from the Coronavirus due to family visits, will take place after 15 days.

In this regard, member of the Scientific Committee for monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic called on the Algerians to “continue to apply preventive measures against Covid 19, especially wearing protective face masks and social distancing in public spaces and mass transportation,” stressing that “the vaccination process against this virus continues normally and it is going faster with Algeria receiving additional quantities of vaccines.

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