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Professor Mahiawi warns against a third wave of Coronavirus and describes the situation as worrisome

Member of the Scientific Committee for Monitoring the Evolution of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Professor Riad Mahiawi, confirmed that the epidemiological situation has become “very worrisome” in recent days, after the cases of infection took an upward trend that may usher in a third wave.

Hosted by channel 1 of the Algerian radio, Mahiawi said today, Wednesday, that the cases of infection with the virus have resumed after their decline during the past months due to the lack of rigor in the citizens’ behavior with regard to complying with preventive measures such as observing social distancing and wearing masks.

Professor Mahiawi called, in this respect, on citizens to show discipline and a spirit of responsibility by adhering to preventive measures.

He warned against the possibility of a third wave despite the success of the government’s strategy in controlling the epidemic so far if indifference and non-compliance with preventive measures and the application of health protocols continued.

In the context, Mr. Mahiawi called on citizens to show a patriotic and solidarity spirit in performing their duty and assisting public authorities in containing the epidemic, stressing at the same time the need to continue mobilization and awareness campaigns about the danger of the epidemic for people and apply health protocols for institutions.

Meanwhile, Professor Mahiawi ruled out the necessity to resort to the application of a lockdown for the time being because, according to him, the current situation is “not catastrophic” and does not require that, pointing out that the health services are moving towards applying the strategy of microscopic epidemiological investigations that will allow accurate identification of foci and avoid a general lockdown of an entire region.

On the other hand, Mahiawi pointed out that the number of cases diagnosed with the Nigerian and British variants has reached 400, registered in twenty provinces so far, stressing that the new variants can infect people less than forty years old, and cases have also been recorded among children aged 13 and 14 years old.

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