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Professor Mustapha Saïdj: Slogans raised during rallies are woven abroad to criminalize security institutions by non-governmental organizations

Professor of Political Sciences and International Relations at the University of Algiers, Professor Mostapha Saïdj, considered that the slogans raised during the rallies are very dangerous and that parties outside and inside the country are behind them.

When he was hosted on the program “Algeria Mubashir” on the third news channel on Tuesday evening, Saïdj explained that there are those who are trying to sow internal discord and sow frustration among Algerian youth by raising slogans hostile to security and state institutions.

In this context, he said that the separatist movement attacks security institutions and other slogans are raised in the rallies, such as the slogan “The security system rapes children” and “the security system practices torture,” which are the slogans that he said – were raised in several Arab countries in the past. It is a clear indication by these groups to turn to NGOs to criminalize state institutions.

With regard to slogans calling for independence in an independent state, Saïdj considered that the only revolution in the twentieth century was the November 1, 1954 revolution, which is social and societal immunity, saying that “community awareness is the safety valve for democratic transition.”

Saïdj warned of the danger of Protestant doctrine spread in some villages and schools in Algeria and funded by the Mossad and the Jews, which is trying to instill – according to him – dangerous ideas among the youth, such as the call for normalization with the Zionist entity to ensure the building of the state.

In the same context, Professor Saïdj called for the necessity of alerting and strongly fighting this doctrine, as it is the doctrine of “Christian Zionism” that does not spread except to create separatist movements, which indicates the great relationship and rapprochement that unites the “Mack” separatist movement with the Zionist entity.

We are in the search for democratic consolidation, and the legislation of June 12th will be a real test

Professor Mustapha Saïdj linked the use of dangerous slogans in the rallies to the geopolitical approach that the citizen must realize, since Algeria does not live in a forest isolated from a geopolitical environment that knows great tensions such as military coups in neighboring countries and security threats as experienced by Niger and Libya in addition to the Zionist threat after normalizing the relations with the Kingdom of Morocco who is trying to destabilize the country.

In this context, the professor of political science and international relations said that those who followed closely the Hirak in its early stages knew the raising of national and Palestinian flags, but today – ha added – now the flags of a separatist movement are being raised, the leader of which makes a pilgrimage to the Israeli entity.

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