Promotion of domestic products requires improvement of competitiveness not protectionist measures

Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane stressed Monday in Algiers the need to improve the competitiveness of domestic products so that they competes with foreign ones products because protectionist measures will not last.

 While visiting the stands of the Algerian Production Faire, Benabderrahmane said that “domestic products must be more competitive because protectionist measures will not last.”

 “We can implement protectionist measures for two or three years but they will not last. The solution consists in improving competitiveness and domestic products’ ability to compete with foreign ones,” said the PM.

The PM advocated the contribution of practical research through the creation of a research and development center at each productive company.

Algeria houses fifty (50) research centers that can contribute to the development of various products, he continued.

He also called to take advantage of local factors that can promote the competitiveness of domestic products, such as the cost of trained labor, and some new international factors like the renunciation by some European countries to certain industries due to rising energy prices.

In the same vein, Benabderrahmane emphasized the Government’s full support to domestic projects implemented locally by the Algerian community abroad.

“Young Algerians living abroad who return to the country to launch investments will be fully supported so that they succeed in their projects,” stated the PM.

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