Public Industry: Reviving activity of a suspended company for the manufacture of edible oils and renaming it “Al Mahroussa”

The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zaghdar, inaugurated today, Thursday, the revival of the activity of the “Al-Mahrousa” institution, after a hiatus of more than two and a half years, which was affiliated with the public sector in 2006.

During his visit to several companies affiliated with the industrial and pharmaceutical industry sectors, accompanied by the Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Abderrahmane Djamel Lotfi Benbahmed, and the governor of the capital, Ahmed Mabed, Mr. Zaghdar explained that the activity of the same company was re-launched and renamed “Al-Mahrousa” after the decisions of the judges,  by retrieving the confiscated property of the oil factory, as part of the government’s strategy in the actual launch of all suspended enterprises.

On the other hand, the minister stated that the same process will be carried out at the level of a second institution for the production of edible oils, which is located in the province of Jijel.

This production unit will be launched within 14 months, as coordination will be carried out between Al-Mahroussa and Al-Kitama Foundation to reach 65-70 percent of the requirements of the national market.

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