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Public promotional housing: instructions for preparing housing units distribution for beginning of November

The Director-General of the National Real Estate Promotion Corporation, Nassim Racim Ghalem, gave “strict” instructions, today, Tuesday, that the process of distributing public housing units (LPP) should be prepared in early November, according to the Foundation.

These instructions were given, according to a publication of the Foundation on its official page on “Facebook”, during Mr. Ghalem chairing a meeting devoted to collection operations as well as preparing for the housing distribution decrees scheduled for next November 1st.

The meeting, which was organized in implementation of the instructions of the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, was attended by the Assistant Director-General in charge of controlling means of achievement, the Central Director of Real Estate and Studies, the Central Director of Finance and Accounting, the Central Director of Trade and Real Estate Management, the Central Director of Automated Information, the two general managers of the two branches of the Corporation, as well as Regional directors, says the foundation.

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