Public works: reception of Djebel El-Ouahch tunnel in Constantine early 2025

The reception of the Djebel El-Ouahch tunnel in the wilaya of Constantine is scheduled for the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, said Thursday in Algiers the Minister of Public Works and Acting Minister of Transport, Kamel Nasri.

During an oral question session at the Council of the Nation, led by its president, Salah Goudjil, Mr. Nasri noted the difficulty of the drilling work, especially since the landslide that occurred at the level of the tunnel in January 2014.

This landslide has complicated the resumption of work on the project, he said, adding that it was necessary to carry out an in-depth study, which took “a lot of time”, for the continuation of drilling works according to the International established standards.

The work for the tunnel was entrusted to the Japanese consortium Cojaal before the termination of the contract which linked it to the former National Highways Agency (ANA) in 2016, following which the continuation of the work was entrusted to another company, Cosider in this case, recalled the minister.

The project is currently 59% complete, said Mr. Nasri.

To another question on the measures taken to put an end to fraud in road marking paint, the Minister affirmed that his department had drawn up new specifications defining the method of control of this work.

These specifications will be integrated into national calls for tenders and new measures adapted for the approval of road marking products will be taken in parallel, added the Minister.

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