Railways: Bakkai gave instructions for the daily monitoring of ongoing vital projects

The Minister of Transport, Issa Bakkai, has given instructions, to the managers of the National Agency for Studies and Follow-up on the Completion of RailwaysInvestments, for the daily monitoring of the Agency’s vital projects through an information system based on levels of completion and the pace of works, said a statement issued today by the Ministry.

The instructions were given during a meeting chaired by the Minister yesterday, Tuesday, in the presence of officials from the ministry and the Director General of the National Agency for Studies and Follow-up on the Completion of Railways Investmentsas well as a number of its executives, within the framework of a series of meetings programmed with various sectoral institutions, the same source adds.

During this meeting, the Director General of the Agency gave a presentation that included the Agency’s tasks, vision and objectives set within the National Rail Transport Development Program. He also evoked the various completed projects, those in progress and the lines under study.

The Director General also raised a number of concerns and obstacles besetting the agency with regard to some vital projects related to contracts and realization companies as well as the transfer of ownership that affect the rate of progress of works on some lines, the statement indicated.

Following this presentation, Bakkai emphasized the important and fundamental role played by the National Agency for Studies and Follow-up on theCompletion of Railways Investments, given the objectives set by the state to develop this transport means, and its contribution to easing traffic around cities and it support to various economic projects.

Bakkai called on those in charge of the agency to make more efforts and work in coordination with the ministry and all the actors in the field to achieve the established goals.

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