Ramadhan: Registration for solidarity allowance open until 5 January

The Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Territorial Development announced on Tuesday in a press release that registrations for the 2023 Ramadhan solidarity allowance were open until 5 January.

Registration for the solidarity allowance is open until 5 January 2023 “in accordance with interministerial circular No 1057 of 11 December 2022”, the ministry said.

To this end, the Ministry calls on fathers of families with no income and deprived categories of society supported under the national solidarity programs who are still not registered on the lists and who meet the criteria set out in the interministerial circular No. 01 of 16 April 2019, to contact the service of social works at the level of municipalities of their place of residence to register for the operation through the submission of the form downloadable from the website of the Ministry, and this, to benefit from the allowance.

The ministry explained that those who benefited from this allowance last year “are not concerned by the renewal of the application, unless there is a change in their social situation or they no longer meet the criteria”, calling on the latter to approach the municipalities department to remove their names from the list of those registered.

Those registered last year ‘will be the subject of social investigations carried out by the competent services of the municipalities in coordination with the relevant departments, in particular the Directorate of Social Action (DAS)’. Beneficiaries who have changed their place of residence ‘will have to contact the municipality of their new residence to finalise the de-registration procedures and re-register’.

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