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Ramtane Lamamra: Morocco-Israel alliance, junction between two forms of territorial expansionism.

The Morocco-Israel military alliance reflects the junction of two forms of territorial expansionism driven by the denial of the existence of their victims robbed of their inalienable rights,” said Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad.

“The waywardness of the Moroccan authorities reflects an unprecedented rise of a rampant Israeli hegemony,” explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad in a statement to the national newspaper Crésus on the sidelines of the 8th High-Level Seminar on Peace, Security in Africa, which is being held since yesterday in Oran.

“Every step the Moroccan authorities take in this malicious military alliance, it distances them further from Algeria and its people,” the minister said.

Regarding the false allegations made by some Moroccan media concerning supposed political gains for the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) thanks to the summit held in Oran and the next Arab League summit, scheduled in Algiers, Lamamra said that Morocco was fixated on Western Sahara and Algeria, which distorts its judgments.

“The Moroccan monodiplomacy, which is fixed on Western Sahara and Algeria, does not understand that Algerian diplomacy is so multidimensional, multifunctional in the service of multiple noble objectives,” he stressed.

Algeria has been hosting since yesterday in Oran, the 8th High Level Seminar on Peace and Security, organised by the African Union under the theme: “Helping the new African members of the UN Security Council to prepare to deal with peace and security issues in Africa”.

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