Receipt of new facilities starting from the next university entry in Souk Ahras

For the return to university season 2022-2023 in the province of Souk Ahras, several pedagogical facilities will be received, according to what was announced today, Thursday, by the Director of Public Equipment.

The sector will receive 5,000 new pedagogical seats, which is considered a share out of 8,000 seats, divided into 2,000 seats for the Institute of Humanities and 2,000 for the Institute of Social Sciences, as well as for the Institute of Technical Sciences with 1,000 pedagogical seats.

The University will receive, at the next entry, 2,738 male and female students, bringing the total number to 12,500 students at all levels, in addition to opening two new specializations, namely, a professional master’s degree in aquaculture and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, according to what was stated by the vice president of the university.

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