Record influx of vacationers on Boumerdes beaches

On Friday, the beaches of the province of Boumerdes witnessed a “record flock” of people, as their number exceeded 547,000, according to the Civil Protection.

As a result of this large influx of vacationers, as was observed in the province capital and some major cities, the traffic of cars experienced great jams and overcrowding, day and night.

Public parks, major streets, and the spaces adjacent to the city’s beaches, such as the sea front and Istiklal Street, witnessed a large influx of visitors, especially families, which caused a slowdown in traffic to and from these sites.

First Lieutenant Hocine Bouchachia stated that from mid-June to July 20, a large influx of vacationers was recorded, exceeding the ceiling of 2.5 million vacationers.

He attributed this high turnout of vacationers to 45 beaches that are allowed to swim across the province to a number of factors, most notably the intense heat and high humidity that characterized yesterday, and the improvement in reception and accommodation conditions, the availability of security and all the accompanying comfort necessities.

Also contributing to this large influx of vacationers were the measures taken to enhance transport lines towards the wilaya and from remote municipalities towards various beaches and from the provinces of Tizi Ouzou, Bouira, Blida and others towards the shores of the province.

It is worth noting that the increasing number of vacationers coming to the province is not commensurate with the great shortage of accommodation structures spread across the province, as currently all of its hotel establishments provide only about 3,000 beds, in addition to about 7,000 beds provided by family camps, summer reception centers and school institutions only.

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