Recovery of the hijacked ship “Imedghassen”, the main defendant in pretrial detention

The Attorney General at the Court of Algiers, Mourad Sid Ahmed announced, on Sunday, the recovery of the ship “Imedghassen”, hijacked abroad, while it was the subject of a judicial seizure within the framework of an investigation into a corruption case, as well as the placement under a warrant of the main respondent, and under judicial supervision of another respondent.

During a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the details of the case of the ship “Imedghassen”, Mr. Sid Ahmed specified that it was a case of “recovery of goods and assets resulting from the business of corruption”, affirming that “this affair widely relayed on social networks is the subject of follow-up by the high authorities of the country”.

The Attorney General indicated that “the value of this vessel is 18 million dollars and was subject to seizure following a judicial investigation into a corruption case, and now the charterer is diverting it abroad.

The perpetrators of these acts were prosecuted for “concealment of criminal assets from corruption and money laundering cases”, said the Attorney General who added that “on January 23, 2022, the judge of The investigation opened an investigation into the case, following which the main defendant, who is a director of a private company, was placed in pre-trial detention, while another defendant was placed under judicial supervision”.

After a series of commercial disputes and criminal proceedings “these efforts were crowned by the recovery of the ship which docked on Sunday at the port of Algiers”.

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