Release of an executive decree on tasks, organization and functioning of National Commission for Major Risks

The Executive Decree No. 21-157 of April 24, 2021, amending and supplementing the executive decree that includes the functions of the National Commission for Major Risks, its organization and its functioning was issued in the Official Journal.

According to the second article of this decree, which amends and completes the Executive Decree No. 11-194 of May 22, 2011, which includes the tasks of the National Commission for Major Risks and its organization and functioning, the delegation is charged with “coordinating and evaluating direct activities within the framework of the national system for the prevention of major hazards.”

According to the same decree, the position of the national delegate is classified and paid based on a higher position of a general manager in the central administration. The delegation also includes three departments and a directorate.

On the other hand, the decree clarified that the Sectoral Joint Committee headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs includes a representative of the Ministry of National Defense and a representative of the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives of several other ministerial sectors and bodies.

The same committee also includes – according to the decree – four Algerian experts, two residing in Algeria and the others residing abroad, who are chosen by the Minister of Internal Affairs based on their qualifications in the area of ​​major risks, as well as two representatives of civil society selected based on their activities in the field of major risks.

According to the same executive decree, the term “risk” mentioned in the title of Executive Decree No. 11-194 of May 22, 2011 has been replaced with “risks”.

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