Relizane: More than 92,000 people vaccinated against Coronavirus

More than 92,000 people have received the vaccine against the Corona virus, including more than 31,000 who have taken the two doses in the province of Relizane, according to a statement made by the Directorate of Health and Population.

This operation which has been initiated since last February until now, has included more than 92,000 people of different age groups who flocked to various public facilities and spaces to receive the anti-Covid 19 vaccine, according to the same source.

The number of people who received the first dose amounts to more than 61 thousand people, while the number of vaccinated people who received the first and second doses has reached more than 31 thousand people, according to the same source.

The national vaccination campaign against Covid-19, which was launched last Saturday, continues under the slogan “With vaccination, life returns”, with a significant number of citizens flocking towards vaccination points devoted to the operation.

The Directorate of Health and Population is intensifying and accelerating the pace of this campaign by expanding vaccination centers, whether inside or outside hospital structures, while sensitizing citizens and urging them to take the vaccine, in order to increase the vaccination rate in the province, which contributes to achieving herd immunity.

It is worth noting that the same directorate has provided 85 vaccination points, as well as 19 mobile teams for the benefit of the residents of remote areas, under the supervision of 600 medical staff.

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