Road accidents: Two people died, 160 others injured in last 24 hours

Two people have died, and 160 others have been injured in traffic accidents that have occurred in different parts of the country during the last 24 hours, according to what was announced today, Sunday, by General Directorate of Civil Protection.

During the same period, the Civil Protection Units carried out, as part of activities related to the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), throughout the national territory, 30 awareness-raising campaigns across 6 provinces (20 municipalities) for the benefit of citizens to remind them of the need to respect lock-down rules as well as physical distancing, in addition to carrying out 25 sterilization operations across 3 provinces (14 municipalities), throughout public facilities and structures, especially residential compounds and streets.

The outcome indicated that the General Directorate of Civil Protection allocated to these two operations 139 civil protection agents of various ranks, 31 ambulances, 14 fire trucks, with 19 security mechanism for the lockdown premises in provinces of Algiers, Constantine, Oran, Tipaza and Ain Defla for the arrivals from abroad.

Meanwhile, the same units began to extinguish 03 different urban fires in the provinces of Algeria, Annaba and Setif, as these fires caused 03 people to suffer difficulty breathing in the province of Algiers, who were taken care of on the spot and transferred to the local hospital.

Civil protection services of Annaba also intervened after a gas leak from the water heater followed by an explosion inside a garage while carrying out maintenance work on the ground floor of a two floor building,  the accident left 03 people with second-degree burns, they were taken care of on the spot and then  transferred to Seraydi Hospital.

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