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Sabri Boukadoum: Algerian diplomacy spared no effort to restore Libya’s place among the nations

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum, confirmed today, Saturday, that Algerian diplomacy has spared no effort and used all its assets and power of influence at regional and international levels to restore Libya’s position within the Maghreb, Africa and nations.

Boukadoum said in his opening speech at the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum in Algeria: “Algerians give Libya a special status for various reasons, so how can we forget the material and moral support provided by the brotherly Libyan people to the glorious Algerian revolution, and how can we not summon this with pride the two Essen battles on October 3, 1957 and September 25, 1958, in which Libyan blood was mixed with Algerian blood, in the highest forms of sacrifice and the finest meanings of faith in the common destiny of the two peoples. Based on these lofty meanings and shared values, Boukadoum added, “It was not possible for Algeria and its sisterly country Libya, going through its great ordeal, to stand idly by, so it fulfilled the brother’s call and the duty of the neighborhood, and the Algerian diplomacy used all its assets and power of influence at the regional and international levels in order to return Libya to its place within the Maghreb, Africa and the nations”.

The minister pointed out, “Algeria took the initiative, when some neglected and others made it difficult, to receive all the Libyan parties of all stripes to bring them closer together and to search for consensual solutions that the Libyans themselves put in place away from the ambitions and foreign interference after its wealth and the capabilities of its people, and accompanied at the same time and supported all serious and sincere international endeavors and initiatives aimed at stopping the strife in Libya, including Berlin process and the signing of Libyan Political Agreement under the auspices of the UN.

On this occasion, Boukadoum renewed, “Algeria’s full support for the efforts of the Libyan authorities, embodied in the Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity, to restore political and security stability in Libya, achieve national reconciliation among all members of the Libyan people, unify and strengthen state institutions, in preparation for holding free and fair general elections that safeguard the integrity and unity of the Libyan soil and set Libya on the road to reconstruction, prosperity and growth.

Boukadoum also affirmed that this important Algerian-Libyan economic forum “represents, with the aspiration of laying the foundations for a real and comprehensive economic partnership between the two countries, another form that is no less important than the political and security support provided by Algeria to its neighbor and sister Libya,” stressing that “Algeria’s ambition, in the desired economic partnership with Libya, is not limited to increasing commercial exchanges, but rather to encouraging the flow of mutual direct investments, establishing mixed companies, and participating in the capital of institutions and other mechanisms that ensure the optimal use of the great opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

To achieve this strategic endeavor, the minister added, “the Algerian authorities have taken a set of decisions and measures to provide an institutional and legal framework that enables Algerian and Libyan economic initiators and businessmen to launch cooperation projects and partnerships that rise to the level of great qualifications enjoyed by the economies of the two countries.”

Boukadoum announced, in this regard, that “according to the instructions of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to reopen the“ Debdab” border with Libya, the Algerian side is in the process of developing the latest logistical and technical arrangements in coordination with the Libyan side, and the Algerian and Libyan sides are working to complete the talks on the final reopening of the sea line linking Tripoli and Algiers for exploitation in the field of transporting goods and merchandise.

In conclusion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed his hope that “this economic forum constitutes an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the path of partnership and the existing cooperation mechanisms between the two countries, and that its work will be culminated in the signing of fruitful bilateral cooperation agreements that establish a future for a comprehensive and lasting Algerian-Libyan economic partnership that will benefit everyone.”

For two days, Algeria will host the works of the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum, which is organized with the aim of strengthening economic and commercial cooperation between Algeria and Libya and discussing opportunities for bilateral partnerships between various economic sectors in the two countries.

This forum will feature the participation of about 500 Libyan and Algerian operators representing various economic sectors, in addition to representatives of various chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture, employers’ organizations and governmental bodies related to economic affairs.

In parallel with the Forum, a special exhibition of Algerian products (goods and services) will be organized at the Exhibition Palace over the next two days.

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