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Sahrawi army bombs entrenchments of Moroccan occupation forces in 4 sectors

The units of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) carried out new attacks against the entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation forces, in the areas of El Farsia, El Bekkari, Ousserd and Mahbès, said in the military communiqué No. 367 of the Sahrawi Ministry of National Defense.

According to the statement reported by the Sahrawi Press Agency (SPS), “SPLA fighters targeted, on Sunday, the Moroccan occupation forces with heavy and intense bombardments that caused fear in the ranks of the occupation soldiers, in the areas of Rosse Ben Aâmira, Asloukiet Ben Aâmira, the headquarters of the 48th regiment of the enemy, behind the 131st alert point of the enemy in the area of Esloukia Ben Aâmira in the sector of Farsia”.

The Sahrawi army also shelled the soldiers of the Moroccan occupation in the areas of Oum El Dekn in the sector of El Boukari, Aâdhim Oum Ajloud in the sector of Ousserd, El Chaidhimia and Akrara El Fersik in the sector of Mahbès.

Advanced SPLA detachments shelled, on Saturday, the sites of Moroccan forces in the sectors of Ousserd, Mahbès and El Farsia in the areas of Astila Ould Boukrine, Amitir Lemkhizna, Oudi Dhomrane, Akrara El Fersik, Sebkhet Tenouchad, Akouira Ould Ablal, Rosse Ben Aâmira and Asloukiet Ben Aâmira.

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