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Sahrawi army intensifies its bombardment of Moroccan occupation positions in Farsia and Mahbas sectors

The units of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army intensified their attacks targeting the burrows and entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation forces in separate points of the separating sand wall (humiliation and shame), at the level of the Farsia and Mahbas.

According to Military Communiqué No. 453, issued by the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense, today, Tuesday, army units targeted the Moroccan occupation forces with violent and focused bombardments, which caused panic among the occupation soldiers in a number of locations in the Farsia sector.

Advance detachments of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army focused their attacks earlier on Monday, targeting the positions of the Moroccan invading forces in the Hawza sector and in the regions of Rouss Ben Zakka, Lamketib and Ross Tarkante.

The attacks of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army continue, targeting the Moroccan occupation forces, which incurred heavy losses in lives and equipment along the separating wall.

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