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Sahrawi army units continue to target the strongholds of the Moroccan occupation forces for the 141st day running

Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army units launched Thursday new attacks against the Moroccan occupation forces’ strongholds in separate points of the separation wall of sand (wall of shame) for the 141st  day running, according to a statement by the Sahrawi Defense Ministry.

Sahrawi News Agency (SPS) quoted the ministry’s military statement as saying, “The Sahrawi army units bombarded on Wednesday, a number of the Moroccan forces’ positions, targeting positions in the Akrarah Achdidah area in the Farsiyah district, and the Alfayyin area in the Farsiyah district, in addition to the bombardment of positions in Abirat Tinouchad. In the Mahbas district.

The statement added that the Sahrawi armed forces targeted today, Thursday, “the occupation soldiers stationed in the Foudra al-Tamat area in the Hawza district, and bombarded the Moroccan forces entrenched in the Abirat Tinouchad area in the Mahbas district, in addition to the bombardment of the entrenched forces ’positions north of Ahricha Dirt, in the district of Hawza and those stationed in the region of Oum Adkan in the Bakari district.

The bombardments of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army forces continue targeting the strongholds and holdouts of the occupation forces, which have suffered more causalities and extensive material damage along the wall of sand (wall of shame) separating the desert, according to the statement.

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