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Sahrawi Foreign Ministry affirms that stability in the region depends on Morocco’s commitment to its international borders

Sahrawi Foreign Ministry affirmed that the stability and peace in the region depend on Morocco’s commitment to its international borders, and the renunciation  of imposing a fait-accompli policy by violating the territory of Western Sahara.

The Sahrawi Foreign Ministry called, yesterday, Thursday in a statement carried by the Sahara Press Agency, on Morocco to “turn the page on expansion, and the constant search for making an external enemy, to divert the Moroccan people’s attention from their real issues,” noting that all its practices “will neither distract the Sahrawis from their national struggle, nor the world from the real conflict in Western Sahara. ”

The ministry criticized what it described as the “disinformation campaign” that Morocco has been carrying out for two weeks ago, against the motive of Spain’s reception of the President of the SADR, Ibrahim Ghali, for treatment of Covid-19 disease, stressing that it is a “campaign that crossed the limits of diplomatic decency.”

The Sahrawi Foreign Ministry also expressed its regret over Rabat’s involvement with news agencies and media outlets “known for their traditional role in advocating for it and bleaching its ugly image in front of international public opinion, especially the European one.”

The ministry made no secret in its statement, that there are some human rights organizations “on demand” attached directly to Moroccan intelligence, which are working on “fabricating groundless cases against the Sahrawi people and some of their leaders and officials”.

These practices were attributed to Morocco’s endeavor to cover the ongoing “ethnic cleansing crimes” against the Sahrawis since 1975, and which are documented by international courts, international human rights organizations, the United Nations, and international institutes specialized in investigating mass graves, the statement adds.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement also mentioned what it described as “a great  failure to continue betting on the situation” in Western Sahara as a final situation by the Makhzen, following the return to the armed struggle after the Moroccan aggression against defenseless Sahrawis in the illegal breach of El Guerguerat, on the 13th of last November, and the issuance by The African Peace and Security Council last March 09, of “its historic decision.”

The statement also pointed out “the world’s rejection of former US President Donald Trump’s declaration of the alleged sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara.”

The ministry stressed in its statement that what is carried out by the Makhzen in the occupied Sahrawi cities is a “continuous crime” through its militarization of the region, and the continued closure and siege of the homes of civilians and human rights activists, and the practice of various forms of “arbitrariness, torture and abuse against them,” giving as evidence the case of the families of Sahrawi human rights activist Sultana Khaya and the Sahrawi civilian detainee, Mohamed Lamine Hadi.

The Sahrawi Foreign Ministry indicated that it welcomed the expansion of the powers of the “MINURSO”, or the establishment of any neutral mechanism to monitor human rights in Western Sahara, confirming in the same context, the full readiness of the Sahrawis to receive the technical missions of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which have been suspended since 2015 because of the refusal by the Kingdom of Morocco to facilitate its mission.

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