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Sahrawi human rights commission: attempt to physically liquidate activist Sultana Khia “a crime that displays ugly face of occupation regime”

Sahrawi Committee for Human Rights strongly condemned the “cowardly” attack on Sahrawi activist Sultana Khaya and her family on Sunday by Moroccan repressive forces who tried to physically liquidate her, calling it a “crime that displays the ugly face of the occupation regime”.

The Sahrawi human rights commission blamed the International Committee of the Red Cross for occupied Western Sahara, as a country that has not yet expressed its right to self-determination and independence, calling on it to take “urgent steps” to ensure the security and safety of unarmed Sahrawi citizens and to urgently send a medical mission to the city of Boujdour to examine the ongoing violations of the international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions against Sultana Khaya family.

The commission urged Saharawis and the International Solidarity Movement for “urgent action and solidarity” with the family of activist Sultana Khaya.

Sultana Khaya, who is under home arrest, affirmed several times to the Algerian Press Service “The brutal assault on Sahrawi activist Sultana Khaya by Moroccan police agents at her home, in the occupied city of Boujdour, showing Morocco’s violent campaign of repression in the occupied Sahrawi territories.”

Regarding the last aggression, Sultana Khaya said that “Moroccan security forces have clearly threatened me with death if I continue to express my political positions and break the occupation authorities’ attempt to obscure the Sahrawi issue in the occupied cities”.

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