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Sahrawi Minister of Foreign Affairs: The will and determination of the peoples are decisive factor in winning the liberation battles

Saharawi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, stressed that the decisive factor to win liberation battles is always the will and determination of peoples, considering that the most beautiful thing in life is to struggle for a just cause and for freedom and independence.

Answering a question regarding the chances of the Polisario Front to win its battle for independence, during an interview with the widely spread Dutch newspaper “NRC-Handelsblad” published yesterday, Monday,  Mr. Ould Salek explained that “in all wars of independence, there is no equality in armaments between the colonial power and the population, the Moroccans may be more numerous and more militarily equipped, but the decisive factor is always the will and determination of the people.”.

Ould Salek warned – in the interview shared by the Saharawi Press Agency (SAS) – of the frustration of Sahrawi people, especially the youth, as “they see that Morocco is pursuing a policy of looting and violating human rights and not being pressured by the United Nations to force it to fulfill its obligations”, before highlighting that “the most beautiful thing in life is to fight for a just cause and for freedom and independence.”

With regard to former US President Donald Trump’s declaration of recognition of Morocco’s alleged “sovereignty” over Western Sahara, the head of Sahrawi diplomacy expressed his hope that President Joe Biden would reverse this decision.

He referred to what the US State Department announced in this regard and its assertion that it “is still analyzing the matter,” and that the Pentagon recently refused to participate in any military maneuvers that include Western Sahara during joint military exercises with Morocco, although Morocco did everything in its power to get it to do so.

The Sahrawi official also highlighted the commitment that the European Union makes every time to the position of the United Nations regarding Western Sahara, and its assertion that it is a matter of decolonization, and that the solution lies in exercising the right of self-determination for Sahrawi people in accordance with 1991 peace agreement that has never been implemented.

Regarding Moroccan violations of human rights in Western Sahara, Ould Salek stated that a Spanish judge ruled in 2015 that 11 former Moroccan officials should be tried on charges of genocide and torture in Western Sahara, and that Morocco continues its grave violations of human rights in various ways and means.

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