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Sahrawi President: Sanchez’s support for “conspiracy of autonomy” acquiesced to successive Moroccan campaigns of blackmail

The President of the Sahrawi Arab Republic, Brahim Ghali, affirmed that the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s support for the “conspiracy of autonomy” in Western Sahara, “accepted and succumbed to successive Moroccan campaigns of blackmail and provocation,” stressing that “this strange position constitutes a real obstacle to the efforts of the personal envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, but it does not change the legal nature of the Western Sahara conflict.”

In a statement on Algerian television, Sunday evening, President Ghali described the position adopted by the Spanish Prime Minister, in his letter to the King of Morocco, in support of the “conspiracy of autonomy” in Western Sahara, as “unfortunate and shameful, because it is illegal and immoral.”

He stressed that “it is a flagrant violation of international legitimacy that Sanchez does not stop bragging about, because Western Sahara, by virtue of international law, is not Moroccan, and the decision on sovereignty over it belongs exclusively to the Sahrawi people, led by its legitimate and only representative, the Polisario Front.”

The Sahrawi president added that the Spanish Prime Minister, “through this position, and in shameful agreement also with the tweet of former US President Trump, wants to give what he does not have to those who do not deserve,” noting that the Spanish Kingdom, with this decision, “repeats the treason” that it committed in 1975, when it unlawfully divided the Western Sahara and its people through the disastrous Madrid Agreement.

The Sahrawi president stated that Sanchez’s position “apparently, is the open acquiescence and servility of the Kingdom of Spain to successive Moroccan campaigns of blackmail, provocation, pressure and threats, using terrorism, drugs and human flow through massive, public and systematic illegal immigration.”

Mr. Ghali highlighted that “this acquiescence is, unfortunately, achieved through a new and disgusting investment in treason, and an opportunistic and hideous exploitation of the suffering, steadfastness and resistance of the Sahrawi people.”

He also highlighted that “instead of Spain bearing its legal, political and moral responsibility towards the Sahrawi people, as the managing force of Western Sahara from the point of view of international law, we find it today, through this unfair position, indulging in the absurd, illegal and useless evasion.”

The Sahrawi people and their just cause, stresses the Sahrawi President, “enjoy great sympathy and solidarity with the Spanish peoples, with their various orientations and parties, including the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, despite the perfidious practices that the Sahrawi people suffered at the hands of well-known leaders in this party.”

In this context, he expressed “the strength of this solidarity and the strength of these relations”, expressing his hope “for its urgent move, not only to correct this new mistake, but for Spain to bear its responsibility that does not fade with time, and which will not be removed from its shoulders except by completing the decolonization of Western Sahara,” by enabling the Sahrawi people to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination and independence.

Finally, he stressed that “this strange and surprising position on the part of the Spanish Prime Minister constitutes a real obstacle to the efforts of the Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, but it does not change the legal nature of the Western Sahara conflict, and does not grant sovereignty over it to the occupying state of Morocco.”

It also does not allow the Spanish Kingdom, he adds, “to unilaterally repudiate its international obligations as a managing power for the region, and does not affect an iota of the will of the Sahrawi people to continue their just and legitimate struggle until the completion of the sovereignty of the Sahrawi Republic over its entire national territory.”

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