Saïda: Expecting to distribute more than 2,100 public rental housing in early 2022

It is expected that 2,116 public rental housing will be distributed in the province of Saïda in early 2022, according to the province’s services.

All district committees have been notified of these housing shares to be distributed in order to prepare the lists of beneficiaries.

External preparation works are underway for all the sites that host these new residential communities by connecting them to the various underground networks of drinking water, sewage, and gas, and setting up public lighting using “LED” technology.

For reference, since last year and until today, about 5,000 public rental homes have been distributed in the province of Saïda, according to the Office of Promotion and Real Estate Management.

In total, the province counts a housing program in the form of public rental, estimated at 15,236 units, of which 12,524 homes have been received, while 2,712 other units are still under construction.

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