Sebgag: Organizing the volunteering operations on a legal basis is an urgent necessity


The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderezak Sebgagaffirmed today, Sunday, in Algiers, that organizing the volunteeringoperations on a legal basis has become an “urgent necessity” in order to define responsibilities and clarify the role of civil society organizations.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Slimane Tiabi, during the opening of the national symposium on “Volunteering in Algeria” at the Higher School of Hotel and Catering (December 5-6), the minister explained that organizing volunteering operations on a legal basis “has become a field necessity. urgent” in order to define responsibilities and clarify roles among all parties.

He added that this process would enhance the role of civil society and ensure legal protection for volunteers by enacting procedures to control their rights and duties related, as well as contributing to building their capacities, especially the youth.

The Minister highlighted that the idea of ​​organizing this national symposium stems from the strategic vision drawn up by the government’s action plan and inspired by the program of the President of the Republic, Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune.

This symposium also constitutes, according to the same official, “the establishment of a new phase in the path of social solidarity” by adopting a set of new concepts and policies in the sectoral work program to serve as a “turning point”.

In this regard, he pointed out that the data that resulted from the major transformations on the national, regional and international arenas, “changed” many concepts about the role of civil society, which reinforces the conviction that “investment in civil society is one of the wisest practices in the process of sustainable development, which also explains the great openness of the state to the activities of civil society by granting it privileges and tasks likely to enhances its contribution to the national effort.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Sebgag called on experts and civil society actors to “establish a balanced strategic partnership between public authorities and civil society organizations and focus on protecting these organizations and keeping them away from the influence of foreign and political interests.”

He also called for the need to support the capabilities of these organizations, raise their efficiency, and secure an “enabling environment” that would guarantee for collective actors a set of legal and regulatory conditions.

The participants in the workshops of this symposium will discuss a draft law on volunteering, structuring and organizing the national network for volunteering, as well as networking actors in the field of volunteering through the preparation of a program card, in addition to presenting the experiences of various active associations in the field such as the Islamic Scouts, “Nas Al Khir” Association and (HOPDZ).

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