Security services in Algiers develop a joint program with the National Gendarmerie to secure citizens and properties

Security services of the province of Algiers have developed, in coordination with the national gendarmerie, a two-pronged security program related to the fight against crime and corruption, and the second to sensitize motorists to the need to adhere to traffic safety rules, according to a statement by the General Directorate of National Security.

With regard to the fight against crime, the police, as well as the National Gendarmerie, carried out raids on several neighborhoods in Algiers, with the aim of combating various forms of crime and fighting corruption.

As for the awareness-raising, – the same source adds – the police services, together with the National Gendarmerie, programmed “sensitization field trips at various security blocks, for the benefit of drivers of various vehicles, during which the security forces sensitized drivers, especially the youth, about the need to adhere to traffic laws and proper driving, to preserve their lives and the lives of other passengers.

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