Security Services of Algiers province: dismantling of a gang specialized in shoplifting

The security services of the province of Algiers managed to dismantle a gang made up of 5 persons specialized in shoplifting, according to a statement issued today, Sunday, by the General Directorate of National Security.

The same source indicated that “the security services of the province of Algiers, represented by the Judicial Police Squad in the security of the administrative district of Cheraga, handled the case of forming a gang for the purpose of preparing for the felony of theft associated with the circumstance of trespassing, breaking into a property and using a motor vehicle. Five (5) suspects whose ages range from 20 to 38 and who come from the wilaya of Algiers were arrested.

The statement added that “the case, which took place under the permanent supervision of the competent regional prosecution, began to develop following a complaint lodged by a citizen regarding the theft of his commercial shop, where the perpetrators seized a sum of money estimated at 50 million centimes.”

After field investigations and the exploitation of technical means – the statement added – “it was revealed that there were similar cases of theft, as the suspects were using the same vehicle and method to break into and get out the shops”

The same source concluded that after completing all the legal procedures, “the suspects were presented before the competent judicial authorities in the region.”

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