Setif: two oxygen generating stations for Beniaziz Hospital and Eulma Maternity and Child Hospital

The public hospital institution of the municipality of Beniaziz and maternity and child hospital in the municipality of El Eulma (northeast of Setif) were reinforced with two oxygen generating stations with a capacity of 18 cubic meters and 27 cubic meters per hour, directed to take care of Covid-19 patients, according to the province services

The same source confirmed that these two stations were received within the last 24 hours after they were acquired by local economic operators in coordination with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the benefit of Beniaziz and El Eulma hospitals.

It is also expected to complete the procedures for receiving other stations with a larger capacity, which will be allocated to hospital institutions that witness a large influx of patients, such as the University Hospital Center, Maternity and Child Hospital and the Children’s Hospital in the province capital.

These new oxygen generating stations will contribute to strengthening the province’s hospitals with this vital substance and help the medical staff in light of the increasing number of patients infected with Covid-19 who need oxygen in hospitals.

This process reflects the highest form of solidarity in this exceptional circumstance caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.

As a reminder, in the same context, several solidarity initiatives have been undertaken across the province of Setif to reinforce hospitals with medical oxygen and respirators, similar to the local office of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars, which initiated the distribution of 70 respiratory assistive devices.

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