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Setting-up of Joint Ministerial Technical Committee in charge of studying files related to activity of new vehicle agents

Members of the Joint Ministerial Technical Committee in charge of studying and monitoring the files related to the organization and functioning of the activity of new vehicle agents, were appointed Today, Monday, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry.

This committee, whose installation was supervised by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Mr. Salem Ahmed Zayed, will start studying the files of economic operators wishing to engage in the activity of new vehicle agents as of next week, in accordance with Executive Decree No. 21-175 amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 20-227 Which determines the conditions and modalities of practicing the activity of new vehicle agents.

The files of the agents will also be studied by the committee, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Finance, Mines and the Interior and local Communities, according to the chronological order of the initial registrations that the agents had previously made on the digital platform designated for this process.

Several amendments and new procedures have been included in the system governing the activity of new vehicle dealers, with the aim of easing, facilitating and simplifying the administrative procedures for obtaining authorization in order to practice this activity, including notably: canceling the temporary license, which was a condition for obtaining the final authorization; simplifying administrative procedures, notably by reducing the size of the file required for obtaining authorizations, as well as reducing the deadlines for examining files by the Technical Committee; determining the types of tourist cars to be imported in cars equipped with engines with a capacity of 1600 cm3 or less; Requiring vehicle dealers to meet the requests submitted for electric vehicles within 15 percent of the total marketed tourist vehicles, with the aim of encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

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