Several Algerian theaters are opening their doors during the holy month of Ramadan

The Fourth Art has gradually returned to the forefront of the cultural scene during the month of Ramadan in recent years, and this year many Algerian theaters are opening their doors during the holy month and offering a rich program of shows.

In the cities of Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Annaba, and Biskra, theaters have chosen to open their Ramadan programming on Monday, March 27, coinciding with World Theater Day.

On the stage of the Mahieddine-Bachtarzi National Algerian Theater, the performance “El Halqa”, a production of the Oran Regional Theater celebrating the work of the famous playwright and actor Abdelkader Alloula, who was assassinated by terrorist violence on March 14, 1994, will open the program and mark the celebration of this day.

The Square Port-Said building will host the shows, “Le serment des amis” by the Annaba Regional Theater, “Des amis de l’espace” by the Mahfoud-Touahri Association for Dramatic Arts in Miliana, “El Azeb” by the TRO, “Leflouka” by the “Le cri du théâtre” Association in Skikda, as well as the monologues, “Teyoucha” and “Kadra âla ch’qaha” by Nesrine Belhadj, in addition to “Saâ dahk” by Zoubir Belhor and “Tafaddali ya anissa” by Lamri Kaouane.

As for musical evenings, the Algiers public will be treated to a plethora of renowned artists in the Andalusian, Chaabi, and Algerian varieties, such as Chaou Abdelkader, Hassiba Amrouche, Lila Borsali, Abbas Righi, Manal Gherbi, and a musical comedy led by the “Ahl El Fen” association.

At the Abdelkader-Alloula Regional Theater in Oran, the public will have an appointment with the production “Avant la lumière”, another tribute to the murdered theater man, which will be paid by students from the “Théâtre Nouveau d’Oran” (TNO) troupe.

The TRO offers about ten plays including “El Aâzeb”, “Les coulisses”, “Fel’ Hit”, or “El Haress” in addition to evenings dedicated to humor and music.

For its part, the Mohamed-Tahar-Fergani Regional Theater in Constantine chose to celebrate World Theater Day with “Qouloub” (Hearts), a show staged by students from this institution’s school and directed by Abdenour Yessad, based on excerpts from four great universal works.

This theater offers about ten performances of plays such as “Allô” by Tounes Ait Ali, as well as a musical program particularly oriented towards Malouf music with masters such as Salim and Adlane Fergani and Abbas Righi, in addition to some dates reserved for Aïssaoua troupes.

The Azzeddine-Medjoubi Regional Theater in Annaba also celebrates this day with a street show and the play “Fordja Show” by Toufik Mezghache. This institution plans to host the National Urban Song Festival during the holy month, as well as some theater performances.

On the side of Biskra, the Chebah-Mekki Regional Theater also announces shows such as “Leflouka”, directed by Ahmed El Aggoun, based on a text by Sifeddine Bouha, or “Saha l’Artiste”, written and directed by Omar Fetmouche.

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