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Sidi Bel Abbes: reception of 70 oxygen concentrators for hospitals dedicated to care for covid-19 patients

Covid 19 patients centered hospitals in Sid Bel Abbes province received 70 individual oxygen concentrators, according to the Province Directorate.

The same source added that the governor of the province Moustapha Limani oversaw the receipt of these equipment, which came thanks to the fundraising process from citizens, these oxygen concentrators will strengthen the capacity of health facilities in carrying rcovid-19 patients.

The same official supervised the operation of the medical oxygen tank with a capacity of ten thousand liters at the hospital “Dahmani Slimane” for Sidi Bel Abbes”, which was also acquired thanks to donations of benefactors and the contribution of local associations, as the concretization of the efforts of benefactors and volunteers to face this pandemic, which reflects the finest images of solidarity of people.

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