Signing of commercial contracts between “Alviar” and “ONAB” and contractors in the field of red and white meat

Commercial contracts were signed, Monday in Algiers, between the Algerian Red Meat Corporation “Alviar” and the National Cattle Food Office “ONAB” and private contractors in the production and marketing of white and red meat, according to a statement issued by the Ministry delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of micro-enterprises.

These contracts were concluded within the framework of the implementation of the framework agreement concluded in September 2021 between the Food and Logistics Industries Complex “AGROLOG” and the National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development “ANADE”.

The signing ceremony of the contracts, which included a group of contractors from six provinces, took place at the headquarters of the “AGROLOG” complex, in the presence of the directors of the concerned public institutions and representatives of the agency “ANADE”.

In the short term, these commercial contracts will allow the provision of red and white meat during the month of Ramadan at “very well-thought-out and quality” prices.

According to the statement, this contractual partnership will continue beyond the holy month to expand to other areas such as transporting, storing and valuing agricultural products.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the services of the Minister delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of micro-enterprises signed in March 2021 a framework agreement aimed at accompanying youth and project holders in the field of agricultural production and developing agricultural branches on the one hand, and encouraging the creation of micro-enterprises to promote and market agricultural products in the food industry, on the other hand.

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