Skikda: permanent closing of the temporary entrance towards east-west motorway in Ain Bouziane

The temporary entrance towards the east-west highway located at the level of National Road No. 3 in the Boughalboune area in the municipality of Ain Bouziane (southeast of Skikda) has been permanently closed, according to the local directorate of public works.

The Province Director of Public Works, Ferial Saioud, explained that the closing of this entrance, which was temporarily opened in 2013 to allow citizens to enter the east-west highway, pending the completion of the transformers in this section, “came at the request of the National Hydrocarbon Company (Sonatrach) for fear of any accident due to the presence of a pipeline Gas that passes through the region coming from Hassi Rmel (Laghouat governorate) towards a 41-inch liquefied gas liquefaction vessel in Skikda.

Saioud added, “According to the pledges of those in charge of the National Highway Agency, the El-Hrouch transformer will be opened by 2022,” explaining that “pending that, most citizens must use the entrance to the municipality of Ghadir or the entrance to the municipality of Zighoud Youcef in Constantine, which is not far from the municipality of Ain Bouziane, Skikda.”

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