Skikda: Sea Water Desalination Plant in El Marsa Commune (Province) is now Operational

The sea water desalination plant in the El Marsa commune (far west of Skikda) was recently put into operation, putting an end to the difficulties of supplying drinking water to the local community and surrounding villages, the provincial services announced on Sunday.

Named after the martyr Mohamed Amirat, the sea water desalination plant in the El Marsa commune has a daily capacity of 5,000 m3. Currently, it is being operated at 50% of its capacity, which is 2,500 m3/day, according to the same source. It will be operating at full capacity in the next few days to ensure 24/7 supply of drinking water.

The provincial services recalled that the construction of this sea water desalination plant required a financial envelope of DZD 1.6 billion, in addition to DZD 170 million reserved for connecting the plant to the water towers.

The Wali (Governor) of Skikda, Houria Meddahi, who commissioned the plant, stressed the importance of ensuring maintenance and rehabilitation of the drinking water supply networks.

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