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Small dinosaur skeleton found in Libyan desert

A Libyan citizen living in an area near the Sahara desert found the remains of a semi-complete skeleton in the Libyan desert of a small palm-sized dinosaur that lived millions of years ago, according to the website of the Libyan News Agency on the Internet on Monday.

According to the agency, the remains are the size of a palm, his general build is still intact and he has a strong head and visible jaws.

The site pointed out that what distinguishes the discovered dinosaur is its small size, as it does not exceed 15 centimeters, and may be equivalent in size to a mobile phone.

The citizen, who was referred to as “Ahmed. A.” in statements to the website, explained that he found this skeleton that appeared due to erosion factors, and the size of his head caught his attention, which made him pick up the skeleton, which has large teeth and a strong jaw.

The citizen said that he contacted paleontologists, who explained that what was found was a species belonging to the Kongonaphon kely family, which preceded the dinosaurs and the flying “pterosaurs.”

Some dinosaurs of this family were only 10 centimeters long.

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