Snowfall in the east of the country: important means to open road traffic

Important human and material means have been mobilised in several provinces in the east of the country to reopen traffic on roads blocked by snow on Saturday night, according to the Public Works Department (DTP).

In Constantine province, 125 road workers and 43 construction vehicles have been mobilised by the Public Works Department to clear roads blocked by snow on routes where black spots have been reported.

According to Brahim Lakroum, head of the DTP’s maintenance and operations department, the agents mobilised in six cantons were tasked with restoring traffic on snow-covered roads in several rural and mountainous areas.

He specified that ten snowploughs, 9 transport vehicles, 6 shovels and back-loaders, 6 graders and 12 vehicles of public or private companies of the public works sector were mobilized for the snow removal and the spreading of salt on the roads.

In Khenchela, the Public Works Department mobilised 10 snowploughs, 14 trucks and 12 agricultural tractors equipped with salt spreaders, to ensure the freeing up of traffic on the local road network.

Zaouad Zahana, local director of Public Works, said that “all the material means have been mobilised and put at the service of 24 executives of the sector, 72 workers, 31 drivers and 3 vehicle drivers, to clear the snow-covered roads in the province where the snow has reached 25 cm.

In the different regions of the Khenchela province’s Public Works Department, permanent teams have been set up to intervene where necessary to restore traffic.

In Setif too, local public works officials mobilised the necessary equipment and personnel, including DTP staff, to resume traffic on the local road network.

To this end, 96 vehicles, namely 18 snowploughs, 15 back-loaders, 13 tractors, 48 2.5-tonne salt-spreading vehicles and 2 levellers have been mobilised, as well as 650 workers, who are working in the northern region of the province, where the heaviest snowfalls have been recorded, namely in Bougaa, Guenzet, Serdj El Ghoul and Béni Aziz.

In Guelma, the Public Works Department mobilised 7 snow ploughs and various other engines used to clear the snow accumulated on the carriageway in several points of the local road network.

According to the director of public works in Guelma, Salem Nouacer, the equipment mobilised includes snowploughs, salt-spreading vehicles, graders and 4 small trucks to transport workers from the communes.

The official pointed out that interventions are carried out on national roads, in Tamlouka, Ain Sandel, Ain Larbi, Bendjerrah and Hammam N’baïl.

Many other interventions have been carried out to open up traffic on the main roads in the east of the country, where aid has been provided to citizens.

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