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Social turmoil and tension in the Kingdom: King attempts to “beautify” the betrayal of normalization

Following an abject silence and disregard for anti-normalization reactions in all its forms for a year, Morocco King came out waving the paper “resumption of negotiations” between Palestinians and Israelis and his intention to work “to facilitate it”, in a desperate attempt to ”beautify” the normalization betrayal with the Zionist entity.

The Moroccan King has chosen to utilize the negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis card, despite of being a hard task in light of the intransigence of the occupation and the continued settlement, as the Palestinians emphasize on their conditions for returning to negotiations.

King Mohammed VI said in a letter to the Chairman of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Cheikh Niang, on the occasion of the UN-organized International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People day, Morocco, which has normalized its relations with the occupying entity, will invest in what it calls its ”privileged relations” with all parties to provide conditions for the resumption of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

A message sent by the king while the kingdom cities are living for several days, a popular uprising in an explosive congestion.

Despite this attempt, the purpose and objective of the Makhzen’s normalization of Morocco’s relations with the Zionist entity remains far from this goodwill, the reality is in the tangs of the naysayers of what the Makhzen regime did a year ago, and the subsequent signing of the various agreements with the Zionist entity, culminating by the visit of the Israeli Defense Minister and the signing of a “joint defense” agreement that threats the security and stability of the Kingdom and the entire region.

Moroccans in the streets have said their word and gave their opinion on the dangerous dimension reached by normalization adopted without his consent, they staged the street strongly to denounce the” dagger backstabbing” by the Makhzann regime to Palestinian cause and its great betrayal of the Palestinian people and their struggle.

Reactions continue to go against what the regime has committed in Morocco and its contempt for its people and for the Palestinian cause and beyond them the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The Palestinian Fatah movement addressed the king of Morocco by asserting that the Al-Quds Committee, which he chairs, is an Arab-Islamic institution whose mission is to protect Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

Normalization agreement between Israel and Morocco was a stab in the back of El Quds and a step that will provide more envy to the Judaization of the holy city as one of the last Judaization operations occurred last Sunday in El Khalil when the head of the occupation state stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque.

The agreement was also condemned by the Islamic resistance movement Hamas and anti-normalization Moroccan and international political bodies.

The people of Morocco, who reject normalization, threatened a “massive uprising” if the regime did not change the kingdom’s decision, which put the country and its people in a “very bad” image, threatening its position within the Arab and Islamic worlds.

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