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Somali official praises the speedy response to holding a meeting on the food situation in his country

Abderrahmane Abdel Shakur, the Special Envoy of the President of Somalia for Humanitarian Affairs and Drought, in a speech during a meeting of senior officials co-sponsored by the Arab League and the United Nations in Cairo today, Tuesday, saluted the “rapid response” to holding this important meeting, in implementation of the decision of the Arab summit held in early November, in Algeria, “with the aim of coordinating action to address the worsening food situation in Somalia and to strengthen the capacity and resilience of the Somali people in the face of climate changes that are striking their lands.”

The Somali ambassador appealed to everyone to quickly deliver emergency aid to the affected and needy people in Somalia, whose number exceeded more than 7 million people affected by drought, as the Somali lands are witnessing an unprecedented drought in 40 years.

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