SONATRACH: Allocating $11 billion to develop petrochemical industries during 2022-2026

Sonatrach has allocated a financial envelope of $11 billion as part of its five-year plan 2022-2026 to develop the petrochemical and refining industries, according to Miloud Amara, director of the Methods and Operations Department for the complex’s refining activity.

Mr. Miloud Amara considered that the development of petrochemicals will enable Sonatrach to value locally produced hydrocarbons materials in its vehicles and refineries and to save foreign currency, noting, for example, that the Sonatrach company allocated approximately 170 million dollars during the past year to import MTBE, which allows to improve the quality of Unleaded gasoline.

Regarding the completion of the linear gasoline production unit in Skikda, which is used in the detergent industry, Mr. Amara stated that this project is in the process of realization and the completion contract will be signed in March 2023 after the completion of the partner selection phase, where the time period for its completion has been set at 36 months.

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