Sonatrach announces important hydrocarbon discovery in Hassi R’Mel

The national oil and gas group “Sonatrach”, announced Monday in a press release, a major discovery of gas condensate in the perimeter of Hassi R’Mel.

“Sonatrach announced today that it has highlighted a significant potential for hydrocarbons in the Lias Carbonaté reservoir -LD2- at the level of the Hassi R’Mel operating perimeter”, underlines the document.

“The preliminary assessment of this potential showed a volume that varies between 100 and 340 billion m3 of gas condensate”, adds the same source, specifying that “these volumes constitute one of the largest revaluations of reserves in the last 20 years”.

“A development work program is underway to confirm the estimated volumes and achieve fasttrack production of around 10 million m3 per day from November 2022”, concludes Sonatrach.

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