Sonatrach announces the extension of the deadlines for a contest to design a professional logo

Sonatrach announced, in a statement, today, Wednesday, the extension of the deadlines for the contest which is open to all citizens for the design of an official logo to mark the celebrations of the sixtieth (60) anniversary of its inception, until December 12th.

The statement said, “Due to the huge positive response that we recorded on the official Facebook page of Sonatrach regarding the national contest to design an official logo for Sonatrach’s sixtieth anniversary, Sonatrach informs about extending the deadlines for the contest until Monday, December 12, 2022 at 18:00.”

Sonatrach also calls on citizens to enter the link to participate in this contest, for which three financial prizes will be allocated.

According to a previous statement by the group, this contest aims to commemorate the 60th anniversary (60) of the founding of the National Hydrocarbons Company through “a visual identity for the event that bears distinguished artistic creativity that rises to the level of Sonatrach’s aspirations and can be adopted as an official logo for these celebrations.”

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