Sonatrach: More than 30 million Euros saved thanks to the use of locally produced of spare parts

More than 30 million euros have been saved by Sonatrach group in one year thanks to the use of national production of spare parts, Nasreddine Fatouhi, vice-president of the liquefaction-separation activity within the group, revealed Wednesday in Skikda.

At a press conference on the sidelines of the 3rd edition of the industry days held at the Skikda natural gas liquefaction complex, Mr Fatouhi said that the group is proud of the quality of the national industrial companies manufacturing spare parts.

He added that this “has contributed to the development of the national economy by putting an end to the import of these parts and by allowing the saving of foreign currency, adding that it has allowed to meet Sonatrach’s needs and to reduce import bill”.

” Sonatrach group’s orientation in this matter started in 2020 with the recognition of the capacities of the national industrial network in this field “, underlined the same official who indicated that the active operators met in February 2022 have become, one year later, partners manufacturing high quality spare parts for Sonatrach’s machines and its production units and who maintain a relationship of mutual trust with the group “.

“During 2023, we will move to the manufacturing stage of other electronic and electrical parts and others much more complicated,” assured the vice-president of the liquefaction-separation activity at the national oil group, who emphasised the efforts of the group’s managers and technicians in developing local products in the group’s projects.

For his part, the LNG Divisional Director, Youcef Amara, said that the group is now taking important steps towards the optimal exploitation of local product, assuring that support is provided to companies that meet the required standards in total transparency.

He also emphasised Sonatrach’s efforts to raise the integration rate in the field of spare parts manufacturing on the national market, including highly skilled companies, as was noted during more than 40 visits conducted last year by group executives in the country.

The visit gave the opportunity to the signature of several contracts with public and private companies for supplying spare parts including the Algerian Company of Electrical and Gas Industries and the Company of Gas and Liquefied Petroleum for the manufacture of 1,534 turbine blades for 69 million DA which were previously imported from Germany leading to saving of 1.5 million euros.

Organised under the title ” Human resources role in the success of maintenance actions “, the two-day meeting gathers more than 50 national companies related to the sectors of hydrocarbons, maintenance, mechanics and industry as well as the subsidiaries of Sonatrach and Sonelgaz groups, experts and engineering and scientific research organisations.

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