Sonatrach’s ranking improved in Natural Resource Governance Index for 2020

The National Corporation, Sonatrach, recorded remarkable progress in the ranking of the resource governance index for the year 2020, with an increase of 18 points compared to 2017, and thus its performance is considered satisfactory and positive, according to an interim assessment issued by the Institute of Natural Resources Management.

As a reminder, the Institute for Natural Resource Governance is an independent, non-profit organization, based in New York, dedicated to improving countries’ governance over their natural resources, particularly oil, gas and minerals, to promote sustainable and inclusive development.

The Resource Governance Index measures the quality of country resource management and ranks them accordingly. The index is validated by sending a survey to 150 experts in 81 countries, who research the issues raised in the survey, compile documents and complete the survey. Then the quality of the survey data is evaluated by the institute and enriched with more data.

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