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Sonelgaz Complex: Electricity consumption estimated at 16,822 megawatts without recording any fluctuation

Sonelgaz complex recorded a historical peak in the rate of electricity consumption, coinciding with the record rise in temperatures, today, Sunday.

The official spokesman for Sonelgaz complex, Khalil Houdna, said in a statement to Algerian television, that the average electricity consumption for the day, Sunday, until three in the afternoon, was estimated at 16,822 megawatts, adding that “despite this large consumption, no fluctuation has been recorded, whether it is related to the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity.”

In this regard, the spokesman for Sonelgaz complex confirmed that, despite the record rise in temperatures and the recording of some fires, the workers and tires of the Sonelgaz complex were conscripted to fully control the various equipment related to providing citizens with electricity, noting that Sonelgaz complex, which raised the slogan of a quiet summer and professional control in all electricity distribution operations, succeeded in this challenge.

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