Sonelgaz to equip houses with carbon monoxide detectors

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboun, during the Council of Ministers, has given instructions that aim at limiting the phenomenon of asphyxiation by burnt gas (carbon monoxide) in homes, while instructing Sonelgaz Group to equip houses with detector systems (light and sound) free of charge to prevent carbon monoxide emissions.

In order to protect the lives of our fellow citizens, the Council of Ministers has decided to instruct Sonelgaz Group, as of today’s meeting, to equip homes with alarm systems (light and sound) free of charge to prevent carbon monoxide emissions.

The specifications for the construction of all types of housing projects must include this kind of system.

The President ordered the Ministries of Trade, Industry and Start-ups to coordinate the drafting of a new law on the creation of standardisation and safety control laboratories in all areas.

Ensure coordination between the Ministries of Higher Education, Industry and Start-ups for the recruitment of researchers and specialists in these new laboratories.

He has ordered the drafting of firm legal texts prohibiting any damage to heating systems, gas piping and energy sources that supply homes, while prohibiting their modification once delivered.

He ordered the opening of technical and quality control laboratories throughout the country under the control of Sonelgaz to check the household electrical equipment that causes the most accidents in the home, mainly heaters.

Encourage local industrials to cover the demand on the national market for quality heating equipment and systems that meet safety standards, with high-level technical support to equip all housing under construction.

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